20-03-2018 / Shy Borowitsh / CCO

Since 2005, Anastasia Technologies (A Tech) has been providing hundreds of clients with tailormade development, design and branding solutions. Our development and design teams are composed of some of the best people in their fields, with over fifteen years of experience. We offer a wide variety of services and products, all of them perfected to match a client's needs, including development of management systems, creation of brands, the establishment of promotional websites and e-commerce online stores, professional graphic design, Web apps and Mobile apps, and promotion on social media. Anastasia runs a unique project management system that optimizes processes between the company's different sections, meeting deadlines and superb utilization of resources. Anastasia's core values are sevice and quality. We actively assist, support and actualize our clients vision, requirements and objectives. We have the tools and knowhow to provide superb, functional, and comfortable products; we have mastery of all the various programming languages, the newest and most advanced processes and methodologies for the development and execution of any coded solution. Anastasia also provides graphic design at the highest level and creating well designed and planned products that leaves our clients pleased for a long period of time. We are here to take you and your business to the next level.

Unique focused solutions

Every business wants to stand out, be out of the ordinary and soar above the rest. That is why whatever means it has at its disposal must be unique and focused on its professional needs. Anastasia helps businesses to implement their uniqueness through branding, development of adapted systems, creation of sites and apps of all sorts and for all purposes. We develop custom made solutions for you, with everything that is required for the business's efficiency and excellent operability.

Customer satisfaction

Anastasia focuses on providing a total response to the needs of those who order services and products from us. Our DNA is perfectionism alongside intensive labor and meeting deadlines. We reached a 100 percent satisfaction rate among our clients. You can read some of our reviews on social media.

Winning interdisciplinary integration

Due to our passion for technology and design, we are always at the forefront of the most recent products and solutions. Anastasia is comprised of among the best experts, programmers, experts and designers that are part of our work teams, providing a complete response. As a company that provides an umbrella of services in various fields, and as a single dynamic entity, we can help, advise and accompany our clients in providing an optimom response for their business needs.