24-08-2019 / Anastasia Mari R / CTO

A TECH (Anastasia Technologies) provides its clients with a reservoir of solutions, coded and otherwise. We work to provide a perfect model and a custom-made result for entrepreneurs, business initiators & owners. Our motivation is based in the need to be innovative and create a better technological future for us and for the other great minds that walk the earth.
Disclaimer: We do not provide any services to other life forms yet.

"Tailor-made" programming -

We use a variety of technologies to adapt the perfect coded solutions. The products we develop;

Apps & Systems
Websites, online stores & Landing pages
Programs for hardware & Software programming

Technological "Grow-House" - Startup development -

Due to us having a certain experience when it comes to business and due to our passion to work with and intergrate new ideas we have decided to invest in startup bussinesses, nourish and develop them. We provide a help model to get them started, give them information, provide lower-cost service to them, instruct them and even become a technological parent or partner.

Visit our dedicated mini-site for more information

"Smart" design -

We have an unbound passion for beauty, and a vast experience with branding and digital design, and a lot of talent to share. We will create something you will absolutely love. Amongst our services in the field of design, we have experts that'll do the following for you;

3D design
Book design & Book interior
Product design
Graphic design for print

We will be happy to encorporate our knowledge and ability in your projects. Let us know if there is anything you may need our help with.