25-08-2019 / Anastasia Mari R / CTO

A TECH (Anastasia Technologies) provides its clients with a reservoir of solutions, designed and otherwise. We work to provide a perfect model and a custom-made result for entrepreneurs, business initiators & owners. Our motivation is based in the need to be innovative and create. We combine beauty with uniqueness for us and for the other great minds that walk the earth to observe and enjoy.
Disclaimer: We do not provide any services to other life forms yet.

What makes a great brand?

You have to know what message you want to send with your design. The key is to combine a unique way of transmiting that idea through a beautiful, minimalistic symbol, with the making of it- a memorable one. In order to remain in the collective consciousness you have to catch any observers eye. Each color has a different pshycological effect and along with the choice of shapes, perspective and text- could have distinct meanings and interpretations, and just like many other forms of art- it could get people to feel a massive range of very different things.

We will be happy to encorporate our knowledge and ability into your projects.
Let us know if there is anything you may need our help with.